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Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Air conditioning repair in Houston, Texas

Summers in Houston aren't a lot of fun without a working air conditioner. The good news is that AIM Building Services can quickly repair or replace your AC system, even in the middle of summer, and restore comfort to your home in record time.

During the summer months, our technicians carry all the parts and equipment necessary to repair a wide variety of air conditioner issues in a single trip, without needing to ship more parts or run to the warehouse. That means less time is wasted in transit and we can get your system online again that much faster. It's just one of many ways that AIM Building Services makes life just a little easier for you.

Air Conditioning Replacement Done Right

You might not think that there isn't a lot of progress in air conditioning technology, but you would be surprised. Air conditioning efficiency is measured in SEER ratings, or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it has come a long way. While some houses in Houston are still running air conditioners with SEER ratings as low as 6 or 7, our air conditioner installation team can provide you with a high efficiency unit with a SEER rating in the high teens, if not the 20s. The exact units we recommend depend on each home's square footage, layout, utility connections, equipment space, and other factors, which is why you'll need a thorough installer on your side to get an air conditioner that meets your needs without being excessive.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Do you ever come home to a house that has been baking in the sun, without air conditioning, all day long? Do you ever nitpick over your set temperature, torn between comfort and your energy bill?

A smart thermostat can help. A smart WiFi connected thermostat can be controlled from your phone when home or away, so you can turn your system on a few minutes before you get home. If you leave the house early, your thermostat will know it from your phone's location and adjust the temperature accordingly. It will also let you more closely monitor how much energy you've used and saved, so you'll have greater insight into your own energy usage. 

Speak with one of our installers today to learn more about our preferred smart thermostats. 

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