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Outdoor Lighting Installation in Katy, Texas

outdoor lighting installation in Houston, Texas

There are lots of reasons to light up your yard at night, but only one company you should call to do it.

AIM Building Services installs low-voltage outdoor lighting in Katy that can transform any landscape from ordinary to extraordinary. Your residential exterior lighting installer will work with you to develop a plan that makes your your walkways safer, your yard's features more dramatic, and your deck a better place to spend those summer nights. Call our outdoor lighting professionals today for a free bid. 

We Install High Efficiency Landscape Lighting

If you think installing new outdoor lighting will have an impact on your electrical bill, think again. 

Thanks to high efficiency LED lighting, many of our yard lighting systems operate for less than the cost of a 75 watt light bulb. These aren't cheap solar stake lights either: our team can install high efficiency mood lights, security flood lights, and everything in between. Call us to install your:

  • installing outdoor lighting in HoustonDeck stair lighting and step lights
  • Path lights and walkway lighting
  • Bollard lights
  • Spotlights, flood lights, and wash lights
  • Well lights
  • Pond lights
  • Postmount/piermont lights
  • Low voltage landscape lighting
  • Patio lights and porch lights
  • Deck post cap lights
  • Motion-activated security lights
  • Unique lighting
  • Outdoor chandeliers
  • Modern and contemporary lights
  • Midcentury and transitional lights
  • Recessed outdoor ceiling lights

LED Outdoor Lighting on Your Terms

Switching to LED outdoor lighting has more benefits than you probably realize.

First, LEDs don't ever burn out. The average outdoor LED fixture will slowly lose intensity, but it will typically take about two decades for you to notice the difference. 

Voltage drop also isn't an issue with LED lighting. Whether your voltage runs as high as 13 volts or as low as 8, your lighting will still be warm and consistent. You just can't do that with an incandescent bulb. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the energy savings. LED lighting can cost half as much as a standard outdoor lighting installation using incandescent bulbs. 

Outdoor Lighting Repair

If you already have an outdoor lighting system but need to get it running again, we can help with that too.

Our team can quickly replace damaged bulbs, fixtures, and wiring that has been chewed away by pests to get your system online again. We can also change or upgrade the controls to your system, retrofit an existing system to make it more energy efficient, or just add more components to an existing system. The choice is yours. 

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Let's Get Started

Your Landscape Lighting Specialists in Katy and Beyond

Our service area begins with Katy, but it doesn't end here. You'll find our landscape lighting specialists in Houston and throughout the greater Houston area, too. Give us a call any time to learn more about our service area, our pricing, or our custom lighting solutions.